What we do

For 30 years we have successfully supported more than 30,000 SMEs through expertly managed business support programmes; enabling them to develop, innovate and scale

What we do

We facilitate economic prosperity for ambitious businesses by providing trusted and timely advice that enables them to thrive. We create and deliver business support programmes that nurture a culture of innovation to generate sustainable growth.

We create powerful business support programmes tailored to market demands and funder objectives

Our impact

We take a rigorous approach to measuring impact. At the start of each business support programme, we collect and aggregate the baseline data of every single participating business.

This allows us to accurately evaluate the impact of our advice over the course of a programme, and means we can provide reliable and trustworthy impact reporting.

Enabling innovation and growth across the UK

We create and deliver business support programmes that nurture a culture of innovation to generate sustainable growth.


GROWTHmapper® is the UK’s leading business diagnostic tool, developed and owned by Oxford Innovation and used by 35,000+ businesses on national and regional business support programmes across the country.

The online business diagnostic tool provides valuable insights into the SME’s perceived strengths and weaknesses, highlighting areas requiring improvement. A series of graphical outputs are generated to provide a visual representation of the alignment of the SMT’s perspectives on where the business is strong, and where improvements are needed.

These form the focal point for a facilitated discussion, led by an accredited coach or adviser, which illuminates the agreed business support needs of the SME and builds the foundation for a strategic pathway to their identified objectives.

To find out more, visit growthmapper.com


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Our programmes

We are experts in designing and delivering business support programmes to optimise economic impact and innovation

Tap into our insights

Oxford Innovation Advice offers Insights into SME needs and policy effectiveness for policy makers, funders and business support commissioners. It draws on our 30 years’ experience of delivering positive economic growth by enabling scale-ups to achieve their full potential. Each edition concludes with an ‘Implications for funders and Policy makers’ section.

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Covid-19 Statement

Update – Wednesday 15th December 2021

Our Innovation Centres remain operational and accessible, and provide a safe environment for our staff and customers. We continue to assess the risk of COVID-19 alongside the latest guidance from government. In the meantime our Innovation Centre remains COVID-19 Secure and fully open for business. Our detailed risk assessment can be found here.