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Kirklees acoustic business on track to achieve 100% growth using business support programmegrowth programme

Wakefield Acoustics Limited has been providing innovative noise control solutions to customers across the world since 1980. Their specialism is in resolving complex industrial, commercial, and environmental noise problems for a variety of different industries.

Historically, Wakefield Acoustics has relied on a small number of clients, typically from within the power and energy sector. In recent years the business has sought to diversify and grow it’s audience, with an aim to increase the variety and size of the customer base. This objective has been challenged by Covid-19 and the resulting impact on the price of steel.
As part of the GROWTHmapper® business diagnostic review, MD Kevin Still and Nick Palmer, SGP Growth Manager, discussed the need to position the sales team (all world-class technicians) in front of the right people within each prospect organisation. The marketing focus is to facilitate long-term relationships by connecting the technical expertise with the best contacts in each sector.

The Strategic Growth Programme (SGP) funded consultancy support provided by Lisa Lister of Progress Marketing. Lisa began working with Wakefield Acoustics on a marketing strategy review that would extend the company’s reach to newer market sectors where the business had less traction. The work encompassed the value proposition as well as new routes to market.
Nick Palmer of SGP commented, “This project shows the value of investing in marketing during the difficult days of the COVID pandemic. The last few years have thrown up unexpected challenges for many businesses. However, the commitment to understanding and reaching new customers appears to have been the smart move from Kevin and his leadership team.”

Wakefield Acoustics has benefitted from this forward-looking stance. Since the Omicron variant passed, the company has received the highest ever order intakes from a mixture of new and repeating customers, creating more than 100% growth for the coming financial year.

The output from this funded project was a marketing content schedule that could be distributed across different channels. This content was defined by actions, timescales, budgets, and metrics for the Wakefield Acoustics team to monitor over time. Customer service and delivery now take priority to cement the new client relationships.

Managing Director, Kevin Still, commented; “Since receiving support from the Strategic Growth Programme, the business has a current order book totalling £9 million, with an anticipated £10m in sales. Wakefield Acoustics has also employed 10 new members of staff (from 45 to 55).”

Kevin Still continued, “If you are thinking of using the Strategic Growth Programme; the access to a range of potential consultants is well worth the investment in time and energy.”

Find out more about Wakefield Acoustics Limited here.

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