Oxford Innovation began working with RPPtv, a provider of intelligent and innovative media software systems, supported by Innovate UK under the project ‘SFX Synthesis Service’ to assist with business research activities and for roadmaps of developing products. Business coach Mireille Owen-Hughes’ knowledge of the digital technology sector, where RPPtv pursues disruptive technologies and solutions, was an essential component of the relationship.

How did Oxford Innovation Help?
The coaching helped RPPtv achieve a deeper understanding of mapping tools, breaking down the complex task of understanding the business into manageable parts, ensuring that focused steps could be taken to improve processes. In particular, Oxford Innovation’s GROWTHMapper™ tool helped clarify roles within the business, facilitating knowledge transfer and identifying areas where training was needed. Two new members of staff were hired during the coaching period.

The mapping tools also helped the company research the specifics of potential digital technology markets so as to become more customer oriented and aware of the competition, and develop viable products accordingly. Oxford Innovation assisted RPPtv in establishing an R&D partnership with the University of Surrey to build on its new approach to product design. The company also increased its ability to commercialise more effectively, important when looking for investment.

Where Next?
RPPtv is still working with Oxford Innovation, looking for European partners and working through further funding processes. It is also working on new products to expand its presence in its target markets.

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If feels like Oxford Innovation have not only been mentors but also have our interests at heart in pointing us to other opportunities in terms of further fundraising and assistance in moving us forward on our commercialisation roadmap. It’s been like having another team member to help us with advice and guidance.”

– Will Buchanan, director at RPPtv

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