Milestone Industrial Flooring Limited was founded in 2009, originally as an industrial flooring specialist. The company operates across the UK, and is an approved contractor for market-leading resin products including Flowcrete and Silikal. In addition, Milestone has introduced its clients to Thermal Lightweight Aggregate (TLA), which is an innovative product that removes the need for insulation boarding.

Milestone experienced a range of challenges during the pandemic, including rising costs in their supply chain. The directors saw the Strategic Growth Programme (SGP) as useful support to bounce back from COVID. As a result, the company has incorporated a group structure and diversified into roofing and project services.

Nick Palmer, Strategic Growth Manager for SGP, carried out a GROWTHmapper® business diagnostic review. Zoe Harrison, Compliance Director of Milestone Flooring, found the GROWTHmapper® very useful and has referred to it within the senior leadership meetings during this group evolution.

Zoe Harrison decided that the support project should develop and implement a business sales strategy plan. An early result of the project saw forecast revenue growth of +125% in 12 months.

The consultancy project was undertaken by Phil Dibbs of Hawksmoor Associates. Phil reviewed and redesigned Milestone’s internal sales processes, incorporating an enlarged product portfolio.

The sales team have since achieved greater conversion rates and have captured a greater share of the potential market.

The wider impact of this project has been that the group has taken on an extra 21 new jobs since the SGP project began. These jobs have been across sales, finance, construction and operations.

Nick Palmer, Strategic Growth Manager, commented; “It’s been a pleasure to work with such a forward-thinking company. Milestone reacted to the unexpected events of the pandemic with a growth mindset. They focused on finding internal improvements and satisfying customer demand through innovation. I’m delighted for them”.

Zoe Harrison, Compliance Director, stated; “We are feeling more confident about our internal processes, and the Growth Mapper gave us other issues to reflect upon.”

“Our future plans will consider further growth and diversification, and we aspire to strengthen our reputation for delivering quality projects and services and exceed our customer’s expectations.”

“The Strategic Growth Programme has been a great opportunity to get an insight into our existing business coupled with professional support to create business growth plans.”

The company have since invested in new company vehicles and vans, a new group website, and a new electronic stock taking system. This will help Milestone improve productivity at a larger capacity. Find out more about Milestone here.

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