Leeds Technology Consulting business creates 20 new jobs using support from the Strategic Growth Programme

Established in 2015 by Gareth Murphy, FluidIT Consulting is a technology consultancy business that helps clients to grow through their use of technology solutions.   The company has grown steadily with a strong reputation for their Technology Diligence and full range of digital transformation services.

Whilst the company is growing and becoming more successful, one of the greatest challenges the business faces is trying to find talent within the IT sector. In their region there are other large tech companies that have hired large numbers of employees which makes it difficult to find experienced staff locally.

The company used fully funded business support via the Strategic Growth Programme (SGP) to help redefine their marketing strategy. SGP worked with Fluid IT and an industry expert, to cut through and raise their brand awareness. In total they received 4 days of fully funded business consultancy support from SGP, this was split to focus on two different projects, both of which were linked to their business development strategy.

As a result of the project the company’s revenue grew 20% in excess of forecast in the last financial year. They have created 20 new jobs and expect further growth in both revenue and jobs.

Gareth Murphy, Managing Director for Fluid commented, “We felt SGP’s involvement definitely helped the business to grow and progress.”

The business has changed their way of thinking around how they develop within their market including changing how they describe themselves to their target audience. They have formed strategic alliances with third party providers, from which they have started seeing a steady flow of referrals.

The business has grown to 33 employees, gaining new directors and new members at all levels of the team.

The next phase of new business growth for Fluid IT is directed at the private equity industry. Clients in their sector manage multiple complex diligence processes, and their expertise within both technical and operational support makes it an obvious area of growth for the company. After the support from SGP and having set a clear strategy it will help the business grow and continue to succeed.

Nick Palmer, Strategic Growth Manager for SGP stated, “It has been fascinating working with Fluid IT, to see how they have reacted to unusual market conditions. The fact that they have grown so successfully during a time of uncertainty is a testament to the business. Fluid IT have been very successful at reacting to market demand and supplying the right solution. I’d like to congratulate them on their success.”

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