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Brill Power has developed battery management software that can extend the life of multi-cell battery packs by up to 60%. This clearly has immense potential, and Oxford Innovation offered the company support in bringing this technology to market. Oxford Innovation aimed to help Brill Power develop a clear strategy – most importantly to identify a point of entry to the large and complex battery market.

Oxford Innovation’s support increased the confidence in the team to look at strategic business issues alongside technological developments, and focus on the importance of values, vision and purpose, rather than just R&D. Strategy workshops ensured the founders thought in ways as a group that they would not have done otherwise. Previously they were very focused developing on the technology, but this coaching helped them also focus on building a business.

For example, the one-to-one “Strategy on a Page” sessions and workshops led the management team to change its go-to-market strategy. This was crucial in being able to attract a new round of funding and was key to finding a new investor.

Brill Power is still working with Oxford Innovation, and is now refining its approach to attracting customers. It obtained considerable funding in 2018, and is extending its contacts among both funders and customers, aiming to bring its technology to a much wider market in 2019 and beyond. Brill Power were winners of the Shell New Energy Challenge in 2017, and more recently ranked 2nd in the Business Cloud’s Top 50 Tech companies in the South East.

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Alastair MacKenzie, our coach, showed us that we needed time to think about what we wanted our business to be, and set us on a path towards putting it into practice. This was just one of many unexpected benefits to working with Oxford Innovation. Another was the possibility for initial introductions and joining networks to obtain funding and meet potential clients.”

– Christoph Birkl, CEO and co-founder of Brill Power.

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