Associated Utility Supplies Limited (AUS)

Kirklees manufacturer creates award-winning reinforced plastic bridge.

Founded in 1998 by Simon Gibson, Associated Utility Supplies Limited (AUS) is a £10M GBP plus manufacturer of specialist infrastructure for the Electrical Supply, Telecommunications and Rail sectors.

The company leads the sector with innovative solutions and has recently scooped two design awards for a pedestrian footbridge and a gantry solution to the rail sector.

A significant challenge in the transport sector is the cost of installation and maintenance of infrastructure. Traditional steel and iron assets degrade over time, leading to increased inspection costs and safety issues. More recently, the environmental cost of infrastructure has become an additional challenge.

AUS sought assistance from the Strategic Growth Programme to address these challenges. The company received 8 days of fully funded coaching with a marketing expert to boost awareness of their first-of-a-kind solutions.

The pedestrian footbridge and gantry solutions are attractive because of their lower capital cost, lower maintenance cost and quicker installation compared to traditional iron and steel options.

Lisa Lister of Progress Marketing worked with AUS to ensure that the relevant technical and engineering detail was integral to the value proposition. This marketing project was a multi-departmental effort. Recent PR interest and visits from politicians would suggest the effort was worthwhile.

Until very recently the company was privately held. In 2020 the current Chairman, Simon Gibson converted the company to an employee ownership trust, whilst retaining a minority holding. This transition has created exciting new responsibilities and opportunities for the 55-strong staff, many of whom skilled engineers.

In addition, the business has invested over £100,000.00 in equipment, materials, training and staffing over the past 6 months.

Nick Palmer, Growth Manager for Strategic Growth Programme commented on the business, “The business has developed practical and successful innovations, which are integral to a successful, growing economy. A product that can deliver cost, environmental and safety benefits over the ‘incumbent’ solution needs to be marketed well, and I’m pleased this was possible with our support.”

AUS are constantly innovating to help their clients achieve efficiencies in build programmes. This includes improvements in safety, cost control, environmental impact and maintenance demand.  A core principle of AUS FRP solutions is to design modular solutions, which are easier and quicker to install, with less time on site, fewer disruptions, fewer delays and less project risk.

AUS’s future plans are to double their business over the next 3 years and to diversify further into civil engineering markets.

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